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Friday, May 27, 2011

The discovery of 17 underground pyramid in Egypt

The discovery of 17 underground pyramid in Egypt


Managed a research team from the University of Alabama American Photography 17 pyramid and A cemetery and 3 thousand houses for the ancient Egyptians buried underground at a depth of up to one meter under the ground immediately and the team used images taken by satellites equipped with new technology with an infrared-capable high-penetration and imaging.

The newspaper (Daily Mail) Britain on Wednesday that the use of infrared technology to inspect buried monuments is a strong impetus for the wonderful and the application of a relatively new science Archaeology of Space, which took pictures of new discoveries by satellites floating in space.

The researchers were surprised by the results of research to find buried monuments as well as the expectations of the existence of thousands of other archaeological sites that contain the treasures of the Pharaohs underground.

Said senior researcher Dr.. Sarah Barcak from the University of Alabama network (BBC) news that this new discovery of the role of IR in the search for buried, indicates that you can not say for sure yet how many effects will be discovered in Alguetrp coming no positions presence, but the discovery has already helped Back in step to the ministers and take a look at the effects of buried land.
The images that have been taken to the buildings in ancient Egypt was one of the brick, which was discovered during the rotation of satellites in space to a distance of 435 miles above the region that have been Tsouriha. Include an outline image of the structures are not visible to the human eye, but cameras are installed in the tremendous technical satellites have the ability to locate objects buried at a depth of one meter from the surface of the earth.
She d.
Barcak it is expected that there will be many buildings that have been buried at a distance of more in-depth below the surface of the ground, particularly in the valley, saying that this discovery is just the beginning of a new research method in the light of the effects of space science.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Shopping Tourism In Egypt

Shopping tourism in Egypt


Egypt is a wonderland of shopping opportunities. Of course, there are the famous bazaars such as the Khan El-Khalili, but then there are also thousands of unusual stores scattered about the country, and especially in Cairo, though some products are better purchased perhaps from the locale from which they are produced, such as alabaster in Luxor. However, Cairo provides a huge variety of everything from antiques to fine clothing and especially jewelry.

In some shops, you must haggle while in others the price will be set. Which type of store provides the best possible deals depends both on the shop itself and the haggling ability of the buyer an seller. Frequently though some of the best deals at the best consistent quality is found in stores with fixed prices. For example, one might haggle over a mother-of-pearl box in the Khan El-Khalili and wind up paying a fairly low price but for an inferior products, while in a fixed price shop, one might end up paying more, but for a far superior mother-of-pearl b

Friday, May 20, 2011

nouveaux hôtels pour le groupe Marriott

nouveaux hôtels pour le groupe Marriott

Marriott International vient d'ajouter trois hôtels à son portefeuille d’établissements de plus en plus fourni en Europe. Les hôtels sont :

Courtyard Wiesbaden Nordenstadt Hotel, Allemagne - 139 chambres (juin 2011) ; Courtyard Montpellier, France – 124 chambres (décembre 2011) ; et Renaissance Warsaw Airport Hotel, Pologne – 225 chambres (2013). « Nous sommes ravis d'annoncer ces trois nouveaux hôtels qui confirment à nouveau notre objectif de doubler notre portefeuille en Europe d'ici 2015 », a déclaré Amy McPherson, president and managing director de Marriott International Europe. "Il est passionnant d’assister au développement de notre marque Courtyard by Marriott et d’avoir la possibilité d’implanter notre marque Renaissance Hotels vers de nouvelles destinations telles que Varsovie

Mariage de Châteaux & Hôtels Collection et Exclusive Hotels

Mariage de Châteaux & Hôtels Collection et Exclusive Hotels

Les deux réseaux volontaires ont officiellement scellé les conditions de leur rapprochement le 17 mai. Un nouveau groupe vient de naître.

Ce mariage entre Exclusive Hotels et Châteaux & Hôtels Collection est un rapprochement entre des entrepreneurs indépendants – et très désireux de le rester. Mais qui savent que l’union fait la force – que l’union est la garantie de leur indépendance », lance Alain Ducasse. Châteaux & Hôtels Collection (plus de 560 hôtels et restaurants), repris par Alain Ducasse et Laurent Plantier en 1999 et Exclusive Hotels (160 hôtels dont 90 à Paris), créé en 1994, viennent donc d’annoncer leur union pour former un nouvel ensemble dont le nom n’est pas encore déterminé.

Le nouvel ensemble emploiera plus de 80 salariés prochainement regroupés sur un même site. Il disposera d’un conseil de surveillance présidé par Alain Ducasse, épaulé par Régis Bulot en charge du développement des marques et d’un directoire. La force de ce nouveau groupe est sans conteste liée à sa taille (plus de 700 établissements désormais) qui lui donne du poids. Y compris aux adhérents eux-mêmes à qui la nouvelle gouvernance a décidé de consulter. L’équipe dirigeante veut les impliquer dans la gestion de ce nouvel ensemble « suivant les modalités qui seront présentées dès le mois de septembre » en même temps que le « plan d’actions ambitieux à horizon 2015  

Egyptian international airports

Egyptian international airports

Sharm El - Sheikh International Airport

Sharm El - Sheikh International Airport in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt is one of the more than 5,000 private jet airports you can access througn Unlike commercial air travel, utilizing a private jet charter service allows you to fly into the airport of your choice, on your schedule.

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Cairo International Airport




Cairo International Airport in Cairo, Egypt is one of the more than 5,000 private jet airports you can access througn Unlike commercial air travel, utilizing a private jet charter service allows you to fly into the airport of your choice, on your schedule.






Hurghada International Airport




Hurghada International Airport in Hurghada, Egypt is one of the more than 5,000 private jet airports you can access througn Unlike commercial air travel, utilizing a private jet charter service allows you to fly into the airport of your choice, on your schedule.





Luxor International Airport





Luxor International Airport in Luxor, Egypt is one of the more than 5,000 private jet airports you can access througn Unlike commercial air travel, utilizing a private jet charter service allows you to fly into the airport of your choice, on your schedule.

Private Jets all over the world

Private Jets

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wael Ghoneim wins the award for "John Kennedy" of courage

Wael Ghoneim wins the award for "John Kennedy" of courage

Happened and Wael Ghoneim, political activist and director of marketing site Google, John Kennedy Award for bravery.

The newspaper "Boston Globe" that the institution of the library Kennedy established the annual dinner of the 23 Sunday, which was attended by a group of politicians, writers, historians and dignitaries, was honored Ghoneim and Elizabeth Rodnberg, member of the North Carolina school, which struggled against the division of constituencies because of fears of racial segregation.

The site "ABC News" Caroline Kennedy to hand over the award to Ghoneim, for his efforts in establishing the Page "We are all Khaled Said, "which played a major role in organizing protests that ousted former President Mohammed Hosni Mubarak.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

U.S. Embassy in Cairo to resume work on a regular basis

U.S. Embassy in Cairo to resume work on a regular basis

In the framework of the gradual return of the situation in Egypt and the establishment of security in the various boundaries, confirmed the U.S. State Department in its statement of the travel tips to resume the U.S. embassy in Cairo to work on a regular basis, pointing out that the security situation in Luxor, Aswan and all the Red Sea resorts stable. The statement also pointed to the regularity of movement of labor in all airports in Egypt, including Cairo Airport. This underlines the statement, convinced the U.S. authorities the return to life and security to Egypt, which refers to the beginning of the return of tourism not only from the U.S. market, but of different tourist markets in the world.

Tourism Minister meets delegation of Russian Federal Agency for Tourism

Tourism Minister meets delegation of Russian Federal Agency for Tourism

Received Mr. Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour and Minister of Tourism, the delegation of the Russian Federal Agency for Tourism and within the framework of activating the joint program for cooperation between Egypt and Russia in the field of tourism in the period 2011/2012.Has been initiated and the Minister of Tourism, the meeting stressed the importance of the Russian market for Egyptian tourism as a primary market exporting tourists to Egypt, pointing out that the number of Russian tourists who came to Egypt during the period January-April 2011 amounted to 370.983 tourists, which is a positive indicator for the continuation of the Russian to Egypt, stressed the keenness of the Egyptian side to increase Russian tourism to Egypt and expand the base of contact with the Russian side as well as diversification of tourism products to satisfy all tastes of Russian tourists.As the Minister of Tourism that, despite the circumstances in Egypt now, but the security situation in the tourist destinations such as Luxor, Aswan and Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada are extremely stable, stressing that all parties concerned with the state join together to keep the tourism industry, adding that the visit of Russian delegation to Sharm El- Sheikh will be the best guide to make sure that, referring to the Egyptian side is ready to listen to all proposals from the Russian side, which would strengthen and enhance the tourism relations between the two sides.The minister pointed out the efforts made to ensure the quality of tourism services, especially in the field of transport, pointing out tourist center, which was created to monitor the tourist vehicles and other steps taken in this regard.For his part, Mr. Alexander Radikov acting head of the agency of the Russian Federal Tourism felt and members of the delegation of security during their visit to Egypt, adding to the appreciation of the circumstances experienced by Egypt is now saying that in spite of these circumstances, but that confidence in the tourist destination Egyptian firm, which led to the resumption of All flights to Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada, stressing the importance of the Egyptian tourist destination for Russian tourists.Radikov also explained that this year will be the year of security and safety in Russia, pointing out that 22 million Russians had traveled last year to the purposes of the different on-board flight 40 million.As explained Radikov agreement with the Egyptian side on the importance of diversification of tourism products in Egypt and the definition of Russian tourists in Egypt, the different patterns of tourism such as cultural tourism and religious side to this culture of "Egyptian cuisine" and diving tourism ... And others. He added that it is possible to maximize the number of Russian tourists to Egypt in light of not owned by Egypt's enormous potential, stressing that despite the fact that Russia's relationship with all countries good except that the factor of "security" be a priority for the Russian side when making a decision to travel to the purposes of the particular.
He also spoke Russian Ambassador Mikhail Bjaddanov Russia's ambassador to Egypt, stressing that the relations between Egypt and Russia strategic relations and has a great future, particularly in the field of tourism, pointing out that the past months witnessed the events difficult in Egypt, pointing out the importance of information delivery and attention to advertising to promote relations between the Egyptian and Russian ."A light that the Egyptian side are fully aware of the importance of clarifying the security situation and the service in the tourism industry to establish more confidence in the tourist destination of Egypt, The Egyptian side understands the importance of security for tourists, so there is confirmation of a permanent establishment of security in tourist destinations of Egypt, in addition to that the Ministry of Tourism is working to avoid all the problems faced by the Egyptian tourism, including those related to tourist buses and roads as well as some environmental problems, pointing out the problem of "shark", explaining the efforts made to achieve ecological balance to avoid a recurrence of this problem.Radikov also confirmed that in the event of any problems the tourist sector have always been the most affected, and the result will be the direction of tourists to other destinations, explaining that just plays the Russian tourist to travel to destinations which suffers from security problems.Radikov also pointed to the desire of the Russian side in opening the Russian Consulates in Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, pointing to the presence of Egyptian tourism office in Moscow and the important role played by the office. Abdel Nour has expressed welcome to the official Russian presence in those destinations, which in turn will lead to the consolidation of Egyptian-Russian relations, especially in the field of tourism.The Radikov the importance of cooperation with the media where it is possible to invite the Russian media to tourist destinations for the conditions and the transfer of real positive image to the Russian tourist.During the meeting, referring to the ambitious program for the training of language that is in the Egyptian tourism sector for the education of English language and the desire of the Egyptian side in implementing the program in Russian, as was pointed out to the center, which is prepared for the training of chefs, who will Graduates 50 trainees each year, has expressed the
Egypt expressed the wish that the Russian side to provide the status of the chef instructors to teach the Russians, Russian cuisine, and in this regard, the Russian side expressed its readiness to cooperate with the Egyptian side.

Monday, May 9, 2011

EGYPTE, où la beauté a diverses apparences

EGYPTE, la beauté a diverses apparences

En tant que pays avec vaste région, l'Egypte est béni avec de nombreuses topographies créées pour votre propre plaisir. "La définition de la civilisation" et l'Egypte-embrasse diverses zones écologiques, des écosystèmes tropicaux africains dans les provinces plus au sud dans l'est et l'ouest, au système de vallée de la rivière, pour écologiste désert du Sahara à l'ouest milieu, sur les terres du Nord arbuste africain dans le sud des provinces du Nord, à l'écosystème de la Méditerranée dans l'extrême Nord, à la Méditerranée orientale et de l'Ouest des forêts d'Asie zones bio dans le Sinaï. Dans "la première nation établie dans le monde", vous pouvez profiter de votre temps par le biais de croisière sur le Nil qui détient des deux côtés de ses banques tiers des monuments du monde, où vous pouvez voir les différentes civilisations et époques. Alors va pour le safari dans les oasis, après que vous pouvez partir en randonnée dans les vallées en appréciant les lacs froids du nord ou du sud des lacs de montagne, tandis que là-haut sur ​​les montagnes enneigées, vous pouvez pratiquer le ski, mais encore, il ya la mer rouge chaud les eaux qui attendent pour votre surf. S'épuiser de cela, prendre un merveilleux voyage vers les stations de la Méditerranée et de sentir la Méditerranée Afrique du Nord esprit égyptien

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Egypt, as many do not know
EGYPT, where beauty has various appearances

As a country with vast area, Egypt is blessed with numerous topographies created for your own enjoyment. "The definition of civilization" -Egypt- embraces various Eco-Zones, from Tropical African ecosystems in the southern most provinces in the east and west, to river valley's system, to Saharan desert ecologist in the mid west, to North African shrub lands in the south of north provinces, to Mediterranean ecosystem in the farthest north, to Eastern Mediterranean/Western Asian forests bio zones in Sinai. In "the first established nation in the world", you can enjoy your time through cruising in the River Nile which holds on both sides of its banks third of the world's monuments, where you can see different civilizations and eras. Then going for safari in the oases, after that you can hike through the valleys enjoying the cold northern lakes or the mountainous south lakes, while up there at the snow-capped mountains you can enjoy skiing, but still, there are the red sea warm waters which wait for your surfing. Getting exhausted of this, take a wonderful journey to the Mediterranean resorts and feel the Mediterranean North African Egyptian spirit

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