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Friday, May 27, 2011

The discovery of 17 underground pyramid in Egypt

The discovery of 17 underground pyramid in Egypt


Managed a research team from the University of Alabama American Photography 17 pyramid and A cemetery and 3 thousand houses for the ancient Egyptians buried underground at a depth of up to one meter under the ground immediately and the team used images taken by satellites equipped with new technology with an infrared-capable high-penetration and imaging.

The newspaper (Daily Mail) Britain on Wednesday that the use of infrared technology to inspect buried monuments is a strong impetus for the wonderful and the application of a relatively new science Archaeology of Space, which took pictures of new discoveries by satellites floating in space.

The researchers were surprised by the results of research to find buried monuments as well as the expectations of the existence of thousands of other archaeological sites that contain the treasures of the Pharaohs underground.

Said senior researcher Dr.. Sarah Barcak from the University of Alabama network (BBC) news that this new discovery of the role of IR in the search for buried, indicates that you can not say for sure yet how many effects will be discovered in Alguetrp coming no positions presence, but the discovery has already helped Back in step to the ministers and take a look at the effects of buried land.
The images that have been taken to the buildings in ancient Egypt was one of the brick, which was discovered during the rotation of satellites in space to a distance of 435 miles above the region that have been Tsouriha. Include an outline image of the structures are not visible to the human eye, but cameras are installed in the tremendous technical satellites have the ability to locate objects buried at a depth of one meter from the surface of the earth.
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Barcak it is expected that there will be many buildings that have been buried at a distance of more in-depth below the surface of the ground, particularly in the valley, saying that this discovery is just the beginning of a new research method in the light of the effects of space science.


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